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PILATES is a system of exercises that involves the major muscle groups in the body. It's not the individual movements , but the entire series that has kept the Pilates Method effective for over 80 years. The system is based on placement of the anatomy and improvement of the circulatory system, as well as stretching and strengthening of the entire body. 
"Left the body breath as you move"

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Jose A. Ruiz Carreton, a Second Generation Pilates Instructor, developed Zarhcos, a Pilates studio. 


Zarhcos, the first Pilates studio in New York, launched in 2004. 


Jose began working with Romana Kryzanowska, a Client/pupil of Joseph H. Pilates, at Drago's Gym in 2002 as an independent student. Romana started her acclaimed Pilates Certification Program at Drago's Gym the same year, and Jose finally earned his certification and began teaching with his teachers, Romana Kryzanowska, Edwina Fontaine, Jerome Weinberg, Sari Mejia (Romana K.'s daughter), and Cynthia Shipley, for over 6 years. 


Jose worked at the same Pilates studio as Bob Liekens in 2013, and he collaborated on the epilogue to Peter Fiasca's book "Voices of Classical Pilates." 

            ( In addition to my certification, I am experienced in training clients with special need conditions such as Ataxia, Hemiplegia, Spondylolisthesis, Cogwheel Rigidity, Spasticity, Thyroidectomy and Parathroidectomy, Right neck dissection, loss of a balance due to surgery. Stroke rehabilitation, Ankylosing spondylitis and Scoliosis. Prenatal and postnatal Pilates Training).



Second Generation Pilates instructors have been trained by Romana Kryzanowska and are Romana Kryzanowska certified Pilates instructors.

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Testimonials from some of Our Clients

"Breath through the movement"

Tami Maldonado
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
When I started taking Pilates classes it was simply to workout-what I learned was a new way to use and communicate with my body. Jose's style of teaching is gentle, thorough and detailed. He helps you to learn the intricacies of how to complete the Pilates movements correctly and safely while still allowing for progression and growth. Not only have I healed injuries and become more flexible than I ever thought possible, I now understand how to use and organize my body in the most powerful way. Jose pushes you to test your body and see what it is capable of while still honoring limits. Zarhcos Pilates is a beautiful, modern and comfortable studio that has become my happy place. Starting Pilates at Zarhcos and learning from Jose has been humbling, empowering, a little scary and yet beautiful all at the same time. Pilates has changed my life and I intend to dedicate a lot of energy and time into learning and absorbing as much information from Jose as I can, for many many years to come.     

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